The successful art of communication is a necessary skill in today’s world. The ELICOS English courses at the COE are tailored to provide a platform of extensive English comprehension in all areas-whether it is writing, listening, reading and speaking.

English is important- whether it is to simply share opinions and your viewpoint with others or to excel in a job interview.

The basics of communication are important but when you dive in deep to why mastering the English language is important it goes well beyond talking about the weather and what to order at a restaurant.

Quite simply to communicate effectively, means a whole set of new opportunities will open up to you. The second most popular spoken language in the world is English.

To communicate and connect with others is a key asset in your personal growth and with a good understanding this promotes an inner and outer confidence when communicating.

In the workplace, understanding English will enable you to feel like a valid team member or employee and have no fear that you will not understand or be able to voice your concerns, or opinions and not have them heard. If we look carefully at why it is important to go beyond the basics in a new language, you will find that the more you know, the more you will grow.

As an active listener who understands, you also want to be able to ask questions, be able to be clear in your speaking and writing, and use the appropriate language in any situation.

Your words have power and mastering the knowledge of your new English skills will only enhance your language in a leadership role. If you want to further your studies, having a clear confidence in your ability to communicate will lighten the stress of any new course you may enter in either a TAFE, RTO, or university. Your language expansion in both listening and speaking and writing will allow you to tell your story as you move through your studies.

It may be daunting at first to take on a language you may know very little of, but do not be afraid to make mistakes. You will always be failing forward! In these courses you will be immersed and surrounded by English-the perfect environment to learn. If it is speaking that is your worry, don’t worry you will have plenty of practice as you progress through your classes. Speak! Speak! Speak!

Soon you will be confident in taking phone calls and making new friends!

And if it is writing you are concerned with; we guarantee that you’ll be receiving plenty of areas to practice your abilities in reading and writing. With excursions and exploring options out of the classroom, we can ensure our international student that our ELICOS English courses will have you feeling confident in your ability to get beyond the basics in your communication capabilities and master our professional and creative experience in learning English.

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