Student Accommodation in Geelong

With Geelong being one of the most popular educational destinations in Victoria, it also comprises a huge range of accommodation to suit the students that live here while studying.

With prices which are affordable and range from $90 a week for a shared student room to up to $350 for accommodation with an independent host family, where meals are provided in a private home.

It takes approximately one to two weeks to secure accommodation and our campus can provide a reference letter to assist in the process.

More importantly you will have the fantastic experience and views of our surf coast and Geelong waterfront to enjoy on your days off!

1.Easy Roommate

Private listings of homes available for students in all areas of Geelong. Includes pricing and photos and contact details per listing.


A platform to find other students to share homes/units with. Many listings in a safe environment. Private listings.

3.CASA Student

Private and safe website with private accommodation.


A trusted real estate site with private listings in Geelong.

5.Ryrie Hall Accommodation

Located close to the COE at the Geelong Waterfront, Ryrie Hall’s central location offers an abundance of services to meet the students essential requirements and social needs; libraries, banks, hospitals, public transport, Supermarkets, shopping complexes, cinemas, galleries, cafes, restaurants and the beach are but a few.

Ryrie Hall offers affordable long term and short term accommodation for students in central Geelong.

6.Geelong Waterfront Apartments


7.Host families-Home Stay Finder

A small site for Host families in Geelong to advertise accommodation for students where they will also include meals and outings as part of their stay while studying.

NB: Beware of Scams
A scam targeting accommodation providers has been reported to the service. The emails go into detail about the person’s personal likes, dislikes and can include photos. If you receive an email like this we recommend that you no longer engage in communication with this person. Scams can be reported at Scam Watch. A simple way to avoid scams is to edit your provider details and change your preferred method of contact by students to ‘phone only’.