Studying general English, no matter what level, is the starting point for your growth in your overseas education.

The COE ELICOS courses are designed to help you navigate to this world wide reigning language. It is essential to you that your English is mastered to gain further entry into either another Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or to TAFE or university in your future studies.

Our trainers are very aware of the benefits you’ll gain as one of our English course students.

All aspects from speaking, pronunciation, listening, grammar and reading and writing are covered in this tailored course. If you are an international student with a non-English speaking background, or English is not your first language and you want to improve this often complex language, the COE, general English courses are perfect platforms to help you advance in your English skills.

The definition of ELICOS; English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students is reflective of the high standards expected by international students and as we are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) this is a guarantee of the level and quality of the courses itself.

ELICOS courses are central to Australia’s international education sector.

So whether it is work or career related purposes, or a personal quest to simply improve your English language skills and become fluid in this popular language, taking an ELICOS course will help you on your way. The ELICOS standards are high and this adds to the COE’s reputation as a world-class provider of international education.

You may want to continue your studies in English either in Australia or elsewhere and you need to develop the necessary language skills to undertake this-this is the course for you. All of our English levels are designed to prepare you for any further formal studies in Australia. There are many other English language programs to choose from the Australian government has an official ELICOS student visa especially for students who do one of these courses.

As part of the course you will participate in group activities and to work individually or in pairs as well as incorporate studies with whole class activities.

As well as being used for everyday occasions such as conversations regarding travel, news and sharing your views on life the use of general English integrates into your everyday living as well as your career prospects.

You will be able to communicate effectively with English speaking people and non-native English speakers. You will expand your vocabulary, speak more clearly, fluently and accurately as well as being able to write and answer emails.

As a base course for continuing studies in your university journey, or to move into advanced English courses the perfection of the English language will be a necessary evolvement for your future success.

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