Our 2016 in-campus competition was a huge success. With one of our most magical and popular subjects to explore, the students of our Corio, Colac and Geelong city campus were jumping with excitement at our ‘DISNEY’ inspired theme.

And the competition entries didn’t disappoint! With everything from our gorgeous classic Disney Princess to Minnie Mouse and Jack Sparrow, the student entries were exceptional!

Colac students stepped up to the competition plate and their preparation showed in taking out three of the six awards.

Our over-all 1st place winner was from Colac with the teams model showcasing ‘Ursula’ from The Little Mermaid

A thankyou to Leigh Bartlett from Batforce, Cindy from KROCK and Craig Hilsop from DeLorenzo

Photo credits to Zach McSweeney Judges (L-R) Leigh Bartlett, Craig Hilsop, Cindy Caldicott