Its boom time for the building industry. At least that is the general consensus by information stated on the Master Builders of Victoria’s website. According to its contributors we are in the middle of a business confidence that has been long overdue.

Following a 1.6 rising and steady population growth spike in 2017 the building arena in Victoria is finding itself in an economic peak and well over the National average. With burgeoning new housing estates as the primary driving force into this exciting resurgence of new growth in the building arena, the chances of finding solid and stable employment are at a healthy disposition for those seeking careers in the trades.

According to building Victoria Employment growth in Victoria continues to outpace national employment growth, with Victoria’s share of employment growing from 25.1 per cent to 25.5 cent in the last 12 months.
And Total Building and construction activity grew by around 8 per cent over the year-to March 2017, recording $43 billion in activity and accounting for around 11.5 per cent of the economy. Not a bad outlook which continues to surprise us with its continued steady growth overall.

The Centre of Excellence offers a 57 week Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC50210) to suit those wishing to expand their skill sets or leap into the world of building trades. From supervising contracts and tenders and the understanding and implementation of our high quality Australian construction standards the Diploma of building and construction enables the graduate to step into a building supervisor role with confidence.

This speciality tailored COE  Diploma of Building & Construction course-CPC50210 is divided into eighteen units of learning that are based on the issues we know are important in the building and construction sector today. This course is designed to meet the needs of people working in the building industry whose intention is to become a Registered Building Practitioner, satisfying the education requirements of the VBA.

Depending on the build- whether it is residential low rise constructions or medium rise building and construction projects which interest you, both areas are covered in all aspects at supervisory standards.

We are often asked what job opportunities present themselves once a student has completed a Diploma of Building and Construction and there are definitely leadership positions available once they have the Diploma under their work belt. Whether it is as a lead foremen or site supervisor, construction or building manager-there are a many titles to add to your work role.

Our Corio campus is situated at the Geelong industry Trade training centre (GITTC ) and offers modern facilities and our highly credible speciality trainers will ensure that all students have the academic guidance as they complete the course. If building is your trade and you are ready to level up-please call us more information or to enrol.