In the salon, training is everything

The sophisticated and technical nature of today’s hair and beauty treatments requires confidence, skill and up-to-date training. These days, salon owners want job-ready applicants who can hit the ground running in their businesses. They need operators who not only know how to cut, style, wash, deep cleanse and purify but who also understand the essentials of running a business for profit.

That’s why the courses available at The Centre of Excellence (COE) Hairdressing and Beauty College cover not only hair and beauty skills but the business talent requirements which are attractive to salon owners. COE Management have a logical outlook on this Our graduates find employment because they work hard, are well trained and understand the needs of salon owners.

Supplying job-ready, service oriented and business savvy graduates to a competitive market place is the sole focus of COE Management. Accordingly, they have gone beyond the norms of merely teaching hair and beauty techniques. Their graduates are made very aware of the importance of suggestive upselling, how to provide a great customer experience and the provision of advice applicable to individual needs. They achieve this by creating a training environment which mimics the world the graduates will enter. The centre has regular clients who provide a genuine workplace environment for the students which is overseen by their experienced trainers. So beneficial is this environment that most students gain part-time employment while completing their training.

The Centre of Excellence Hairdressing and Beauty College producing job-ready, service oriented graduates for hairdressing and beauty salons everywhere.