At the end of 2018, Victoria topped the table in the residential building industries HIA collected data on housing needs and constructions of new homes. With the underlying presence of what’s been termed a ‘strong economic growl’, Australia is showing healthy signs that we are on a rise when it comes to new housing and building.

Our population continues to grow at a rapid pace and as stated on the HIA website, “Australia needs homes’.

That means we also need qualified builders to build them.

The COE’s state of the art Corio facility has everything needed to begin the simulation of the skills required in our CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction– and we are happy to be stewards in the shaping of Australia’s new building expansion by educating newly qualified builders into the trade.

With 57 weeks of time to cover course units, (with five weeks of holidays on top of this) our Diploma of Building and Construction is an extensive course enabling those who have completed to be responsible for small to mid-buildings, both residential and commercial. A total of eighteen units, with a combination of 13 core and 5 elective units, this diploma course covers everything from liaising with clients, overseeing work projects to working under the constraints and guidelines of the individual state variant building licensing authority. With core units including comprehension and implementation of initial or existing plans, drawings and specifications, estimations and costs, client communications, risk management and selecting contractors, dispute handling and sustainable environmental operations.

The key to decent builds in Australia relies heavily on the individual management teams’ ability to run a smooth operation in all aspects; whether it be the knowledge of ordering the correct materials and costings, to the customary responsibility of dealing with external contractors. We can say with confidence that this CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction– qualification at the Centre of Excellence will provide the essential skill sets required in the overseeing of building projects from initial execution and quotes to the final handing over of keys to the owners.

Everyone has heard of the ‘dodgy’ tradie- usually arriving in an unmarked van, no ABN and asks for cash up front. Thankfully a crackdown on these individuals and tighter legalities means that the general population is now aware of the tradie scammer, and are insisting on seeing credentials. It is more important than ever to prove your viability in an industry previously known for those slipping underneath the building and construction radar as ‘qualified.’ The COE is proud to be a part of the positive shaping and confidence in our Diploma qualified builder in Aus.

The future of construction and new builds are soaring ahead with exciting prospects for those thinking about getting into the trade; we believe it is a safe leap of faith in saying that an abundance of ongoing jobs will be obtainable to those newly qualified in the industry and I think it’s fair to say Australia’s domestic building industry is looking very strong in its future development and now is definitely the time to enter into this secure industry.