Welcome from the Directors

Thank you for choosing to train and learn at The Centre of Excellence. We understand there may be other training organisations who offer similar or the same courses we do, however, We trust that the reasons you have chosen The Centre of Excellence are:

  • Our commitment to quality training and learning
  • Our commitment to continuous quality improvement
  • Our dedicated, experienced and well trained staff
  • Our commitment to helping you achieve your best
  • Our flexible and customised approach to training

At The Centre of Excellence you should expect to receive the best opportunity to train in your chosen field of study and vocation. We will strive to provide you with quality trainers to us, to ensure that your training experience is the best it can be.

We expect that you will use this opportunity to develop the skills and attain the knowledge necessary to work in your chosen vocation. Throughout your training we will provide the encouragement and support necessary to challenge you to achieve the expected industry standards as you develop the competencies demanded in the workplace.

On successful completion of your course you will have the employability skills, vocational skills and knowledge required to work in the vocation you have chosen.

The Centre of Excellence has had a very high success rate in providing quality employees who are in demand by employers. We trust that you will become another successful graduate from our courses.
We wish you all the best in your training and learning.

Directors of The Centre of Excellence